An Architect’s Fatal Mistake

Being an architect is a profession that can make you famous because of the work you produce, for example, many senior architects are known for their work. However, to get a name that is known by the public, you must be able to present a good design, be accepted by many people, and be comfortable to live in. They also often ignore digital marketing such as using seo experts for architects. The following are some mistakes that an architect might make, which you can hopefully avoid.

Can’t explain what’s in the picture
The first common mistake is not being able to explain what is in the drawing, this is usually done by junior architects, and fresh graduates, a simple example is, the picture is good but when asked,

Why is this made like this?
The architect replied, “yes let it be good”.

Architects should avoid this answer as much as possible because every design must have a strong conceptual foundation. So that clients will see you as a professional architect.

Lack of understanding about Building Construction
Understanding the structure and construction of buildings is important for architects, because it will be useless if an architect produces a good design, but does not understand the construction, or makes a design, the construction of which is still difficult to do. For this reason, an understanding of building construction and its application must be understood by architects.

Not learning the building rules
When designing a building of course some rules apply, for different buildings, the rules will also be different, so when designing, an architect must first learn about the rules that must be followed.

There are regulations from the local government, there are standards for buildings that are designed, even for buildings such as hospitals, airports, and bank buildings will have standards that must be applied.

Often past deadlines
The next mistake that must be avoided is, often past the deadline. When you work in an architectural firm, there will always be deadlines that must be met.

Even though you are the owner of an architectural firm, you must be able to meet the deadlines you promise to your clients. Meeting deadlines is very important for an architect because what is at stake is the trust of other people who want to work with you.

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